the story behind the 3% jacket.

I went to the Goodwill in Beaverton, OR and wandered around with an open mind. Had a basket full of little goodies, but something about these three pieces spoke to me. Instantly, vision after vision went through my mind. All three for under $60, major come up.
The concept I had came up with was to deconstruct the Nike backpack and the red REI jacket and incorporating them into the maroon Nike windbreaker. Here’s a pic of the first prototype I put together. There is heavy inspiration from many tech wear brands. I really liked the idea of black water resistant zippers, unfortunately too pull that off I would have to risk ruining the jacket so I took it a different creative route.
Here, the idea was too take the molly straps from the back pack, having three of them for aesthetic reasoning on the lower right part of the jacket. This was inspired by the South Korean market & there being a need to have a durable and detachable pocket for phones, mobile chargers, keys, wallets, etc while roaming the city or going for a hike. I also de-threaded the black pocket cover from the REI jacket and sewed them on over the front pockets of the windbreaker.
Took the detachable hood from the REI jacket. Right away I knew this was going to be added to my project. Real cool snap on, snap off hoody for the days when it’s pouring and you wanna look like a ninja. Really love this hoody.
Decided to add on and iron reflective framis for the runners, hikers, and people just walking around and enjoying the dark city vibe.
Added a neon nylon textile under a mesh pocket to the side arm sleeve. Gave it a triple pocket feel. Something to catch the eye and make people question “why?”. I was just having fun with it.
I saw that a lot of people were saying that they were “inspired” by @OffWht, and than “mimicking” Virgil’s signature style when it came to their personal creative projects, which is totally cool and I dig that. For me it was about the importance in getting trial and error experience, the finding of my signature, and putting limits on myself. I’m inspired by @virgilabloh and took his approach on changing something by 3% and calling it their own. Thus, the 3% Jacket.

Please take the time to watch the clip below from Virgil Abloh’s lecture at Harvard’s School of Design about his 3% approach. The clip should start at that point of the lecture and is about 1–2 minutes in length.

Ps. I listened to a lot of this when making this jacket.

#sherardvision, Love.

“Creative work is original when you can successfully disguise your influences”.