We’ve been in a Covid-19 society since late February/early March. While I’m ready for Ms.Rona to go, it’s quite clear, to me anyway, that this deadly virus is here to stay around for longer than we thought.

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It’s presence has posed many threats on our lives, livelihood, way of life, relationships & friendships alike. It has stolen many beautiful & intimate moments. Weddings & family vacations canceled. It turned having a baby from a joyous occasion to a scary and doubtful ordeal. Funeral services limited seating & squandered away many chances to say goodbye to a loved one the way we may have wanted. Religious gatherings came to a halt. It bought the panic buyer out of most of us & we literally fought like animals in the streets for bare necessities like food, water…toilet paper. Amongst these, it reeked havoc on our mental stability. …



Here we get real about our self care lifestyles and its practices, hardships & breakthroughs.