Learning from Others: Exploring the Life Purpose of your Network

I talked to my friends that are really dear to me some of them are engineers now and some are from finance sector and marketing as well, so talking to them about the purpose of life most of them had a clear view to achieve a power post and to earn a handsome amount of money which to me was not much of a good thing as J.N. said happiness is what the purpose of life should be like what you will contribute towards the society and to make a mark, so they were really eager to take pains in life like one of my friend was doing a double shift job in order to get his finance string while one of my friends who was also very social during the university life is running an academy and giving free education to the poor students and teaching students despite having a job at the night shifts so he was really burning the candle at both ends to make a difference to the society I was amazed by his efforts and the fact that I came across was that most of us wanted to become a successful professional or to have a good life style only one of my friends was thinking to the social sector. So I gave them the advice and showed them, the ted talk by Jacqueline in order to make their vision clear about what life is and what it demand and what they are sacrificing is worth much more than what they are aiming to achieve.

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