Reaching out to HR Professionals to practice Equip and Real

It was a great experience to talk to H.R. professionals and I got a chance to talk to Hr. from a reputed company. I asked him questions which were discussed with my fellows I as came to know about the answers like to the questions “Why us? ‘’ The Hr. said that we want to have a idea of how and what do you know about our company secondly I asked that weather they will hire a person that is not technically strong but has great Communication skills so he said Technical knowledge is important if a person lacks technical knowledge we won’t hire him unless if someone has basic technical concepts correct while he possesses strong Hr. skills as well we will hire him.

And lastly I asked him how do you see the question why should we hire you as most of the professionals ask he said here you have to endorse those skills of yours that we want that are mention in J.D so we will see how do you judge yourself. I asked him what do u see in a professional while hiring him he said it depends on the many conditions like what are his technical knowledge how do he behaved is he correctly applicable to the job he applied for … and so on.

I thanked him for his time and concern and sent him a thank you email.

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