Sharing the 6 tips with a working professional

Sharing is what makes a man good person and also more knowledgeable as it makes you much of a connected with others and u are always in a position of learning and evolving, so I got a chance to share the 6 tips from Sohail sahib to a production Engineer of a local reputed company, he was really amazed that we are making such efforts and on such a micro scale as well like not to talk bad on back which most of the employees as he said, so he gave me feed like I should also consider the liking of the boss and try to do the things he like he said it was liking you are consoling your girl friend so you take and each and every step according to the good will of her and also he said try to be more social on the company social gathering and the company social pages this will make you more competent. Lastly he also asked me that why I was doing this so I had a chance to introduce to him the Amal Academy which I kindheartedly did, he was very delighted to see the much change in me because it has been two years to my internship now and he was feeling positive vibes regarding the professional career according to him as he said so.

Over all it was a great experience and I had a great time with on the phone and he was much pleased to meet me in person which previously he did not allow due to tight work schedule.

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