Sharing the Tips

I came across a very dear friend of mine and he had already received an email at his university portal as he studies in fast he was super excited to know about Amal and its work, I briefed him about Amal and the courses we are doing and then I told him these 6 tips he was very happy to know these and had a great time listening. He asked me a few questions about the Master’s degree pursuance which I deliberately answered and he was satisfied more over as we were at his home so I gave him the link to watch the videos of the 6 tips he was surprised by the online lectures and was really passionate to know these tips and he also asked me about Sohail sahib, I really enjoyed the talk and was super revised too with my previous course. I gave him an advice to join amal in order to diversify the efforts for looking the job and he is really looking forward to it.

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