Sheraz Gul of Berkeley - Keeping Pests Away From Your Farm

Sheraz Gul of Berkeley loves being on the farm and he knows that many farms have pest problems. If you own a farm and are struggling with pest control issues there are some things you can do to keep bugs and rodents away. These tips can help.

Sheraz Gul Berkeley

Make Noise

Most animals and pests will not come around if there is a lot of noise. You can set up noise makers around your farm to scare pests away. You can buy many different kinds online or make your own. Something as simple as an aluminum pie pan tied to a stick can be effective at scaring away many pests.

Clean Up

Pests are attracted to free food. While many of them will feast on your garden, many others will be attracted to the spilled animal feed and grains that may be in your barn. Keep the farm clean and you will cut down on the amount of pests that are on your farm.

Predatory Animals

Having a few animals such as cats and dogs on your farm can help scare many pests away. You can also build homes for owls and other predatory birds to attract them to your farm so they can scare away bugs and rodents.

Sheraz Gul of Berkeley knows that dealing with pests on a farm can be frustrating. Exterminators can be expensive but there are many ways you can keep pests away from your farm on your own. The above tips can help.