,Sheraz Gul of Berkeley — What To Pack In Your Hiking Bag

Sheraz Gul of Berkeley hikes often and knows that it is always a good idea to be prepared. He always takes a pack with him when he hikes and makes sure that his pack contains the essentials. Do you know what you should pack in your hiking bag?

Sheraz Gul Berkeley


You will need to pack a GPS in your backpack in case you get lost. You may think you know the trail or path you are on, but one wrong turn could cause you to get lost. A GPS will help you find your way back to civilization.


You never know when you will find yourself in need of a drink of water. It is always a good idea to keep a couple of bottles in your backpack. You can also refill your water bottles if you run out and are able to find a clean water source while on your hike.

First Aid Kit

If you get a minor injury such as a cut or scrape you can care for it with a first aid kit. You can make your own first aid kit or buy one at a store. Always keep one in your bag in case you need it to help yourself or another hiker.

If you are going to hike often like Sheraz Gul Berkeley, you should keep your hiking bag ready to grab whenever you walk out the door. The above ideas will help you decide what you should keep in your pack.