What Does it Mean to Trust God?
Sarah Cy

I got myself in the mess I am in. I know God didn’t want this for me or my angels. I have fallen on my own accord. Now I am aware of the wrong and the bible has saved me — Trust and know God is Love. Thank you for your article — How to Trust — as soon as fear and worry comes to me I have to stop it and say Jesus words — Be not Afraid —and then i have to Still the waters- that is hard. I have to go someplace quiet -a walk- turn off sound —I look at my day and think of the kind things people have said or done and did I show any love or kindness. I also remember Jesus ‘s words— Don’t worry about tomorrow — today has enough. Always be thankful and absolute wonderful things happen. Expect God’s help and He will be with you Always.

I am now bond to God and need to be more fully. Your article is a keeper.