A Peaceful Moment in a Rural Landscape

Bare feet on the sand

I adore this piece of land

As family and friends reunite

It’s a time of so-called delight

Silence settles in

My inward journey begins

Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch

There’s no such thing as a rush

Oh, wait! I’ve got a plight

Where skies within my sight

I am in a mosquito fight

We’re friends until they bite

Repellent applied to my skin

I don’t seem to win

Sleepy, Sleepy, I start to yawn

Nighty, Nighty, see you again at dawn

(April 2022)



Wakey Wakey, your soul is free

Tiny pieces are made of three

Mercy, Trusty, O, Pliancy

A key we hold to property

Nothing is meant to be fleed

As we learn to some degree

Gloomy, stormy is temporary

Even your mind might disagree

Wakey Wakey, a doorbell rings

Honey coming; your heart racing

From miles apart to fonder hearts

My love for you does always last

A melody of nature sings

A bird chirping a wind blowing

I feel as if I have got wings

flying back to where we met in Spring

Blooming, drawn by Nina Kim

(April 2022)





A law student from Thailand. My passion as a learner comes from the joy of reading. I currently explore the areas of Mindfulness and Intellectual Property Law.