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Jun 19 · 4 min read

One of our goals at She Reads Truth is to pair the inherently-beautiful gospel with the aesthetic beauty it deserves. We believe in bringing intentional design to every resource we create. If you’ve been reading along in your Women & Men in the Word Study Book with us, you’ve probably noticed the line art featured throughout. Created to highlight key moments in the Old Testament stories in our book, each subject is drawn only in part, a reminder that what we read in Scripture is but a glimpse into the whole life of each person.

Meet Emily Knapp, our multi-talented Artist in Residence here at #SRThq. She is our lettering, typography, and hand-drawn art extraordinaire. We caught up with Emily to dive into her creative process, learn more about the inspiration behind this line art, and even hear what her biggest takeaway from the summer study has been so far.

What was the inspiration for including line art in Women & Men in the Word?
The line art style itself was inspired by traditional figure drawing and modern contour drawing. We felt it complemented the colorful and vibrant brush stroke paintings, both visually and conceptually. While the bold paintings remind us of our redemption to come, the line art provides a quiet glimpse into the life and story of each of these broken, relatable people.

Walk us through the process of creating these drawings.
I began by reading through the study. As I read these Old Testament stories that have at times felt distant and confusing, words like “human,” “broken,” and “relatable” kept coming to mind. I decided the line art should reflect those general themes, while also expressing a key emotion or moment unique to the subject’s story. For instance, I wanted the line art of Naomi and Ruth to capture the feeling of reassurance and for the art of Miriam to express praise. From there, I took some photos and gathered photography from magazines to use as a reference and began to sketch. Once I was happy with the sketches, I refined and finalized them digitally. The design team then worked together to incorporate them into the book.

What’s your favorite drawing in this study? Why?
I think the drawing of Esther is my favorite. I love how the simple lines of her posture and hands capture her beauty, but also her initial apprehension and ultimate willingness to stand up for the Jewish people.

What has been your most important takeaway from the summer study so far?
During this study I’ve been reminded that even though these stories took place long ago in cultures that often seem strange and unfamiliar, they are still so relevant because God does not change. Although cultures — and the people within them — vary substantially, He continues to engage the human heart in ways that are consistent and through themes that endure.

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