How Good Is Australia?

A Constructed Found Poem

Sheree Strange
Jun 25 · 2 min read

Thank you, friends. Thank you, friends.
Canberra shivers through coldest May day in 19 years.
I have always believed in miracles.
Nation’s most influential pollster can’t explain election disaster.
How good is Australia?
Australia is undermining the freedom of its press.
And how good are Australians?
Australia’s wealthiest have become 50 times richer in my lifetime.
This is the best country in the world.

When you’re in your retirement you can enjoy it, because you’ve worked hard for it.
Aged care in regions a ‘death sentence’, as royal commission told of neglect and isolation.
These are the quiet Australians, who have won a great victory tonight.
Manus Island in ‘unprecedented crisis’ as refugee self-harm surges after Australian election.
For me and my government, for all of my team, it’s all about you.

Tonight is about every single Australian who depends on their government to put them first.
AFP briefed Malcolm Turnbull on George Christensen’s overseas travel six times.
Thank you to Tony Abbott for your service to this country.
Is this really the end for Tony Abbott, wrecker in chief?
Pretty much the whole state of Queensland, how good’s Queensland?
Queensland flu season turns deadly with 38 lives already claimed.
We serve, and we do it humbly, and we do it in great appreciation.

Campaigning without a breath-
The government has been lying about the strength of the economy.
It was a pretty good budget, too. Back in surplus this year.
Josh Frydenberg says surplus more important than stimulus despite weakening economy
It’s great to have you back, mate.

Can I thank
The new no-go zone around one of Queensland’s worst environmental contaminations
Can I thank
Peter Dutton unsure if refugees charged with serious offences brought to Australia
Thank you.

They’re just over here, on the left.
‘Gross violation’: Indigenous boy reportedly held naked inside Brisbane police cell for days.
Probably heard me tell that story about twenty times.
Government fails to guarantee funding for key Indigenous body.
It’s never let up.

We’ve got a lot of work to do.
‘The way you spell jobs in Queensland is A-D-A-N-I’
They’re looking for a fair go and they’re having a go, and they’re going to get a go.
How a millionaire pays no income tax.
Keep Australians together.
Detention centre denies two-year-old Tamil girl a birthday cake.
We are an amazing country, of amazing people. God bless Australia.

I don’t identify as a poet, but if you like this, you can find more of my Aus-pol chat on Twitter. And clap or do whatever it is you do here on Medium.

Sheree Strange

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Just another millennial who quit a corporate job to chase the dream | Blogging about literature at

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