5 Things You Should Do for 5 Minutes Every Day to Be Exceptionally Successful
Elle Kaplan

I’ve recently created for myself a “daily checklist” — it’s about 10 small things I can/should do every single day to keep my life working and keep me on track towards my quote-unquote goal. None of them take more than an hour, most take 5–10 minutes. Some days, I don’t quite get to check off all of them, but even then I’m lapping everyone that’s sitting on the couch ;) I’m already seeing the benefit in my work, it’s the ol’ greatness-is-small-consistent-actions-over-time or whatever. I think, looking over this article, the checklist serves the triplicate purposes of forcing me to visualise my goal (what I’m doing all of this for), do things that make me uncomfortable (I’ve got to just grit my teeth and do it, because it’s on the list), and working on myself (not all the items are wholly-and-solely work-related, a few of them are there largely just to help me grow). So, it’s a strategy I recommend ;) Thanks for sharing!

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