How to Elegantly Respond to Any Critique Coming Your Way.
Anna Sabino

Roxane Gay is one of my role models in this respect. Not only does she acknowledge and accept that not everyone loves her work, she calls out and claps back at people who are outright disrespectful, rude, etc. I think that takes a lot of bravery. I worry that I’d be too scared to acknowledge any of it, lest I inadvertently invite more of it into my life. She seems to find it empowering, and I really take my hat off to her.

I have copped exactly one troll on Twitter, responding to a piece that I wrote: almost every single one of my friends congratulated me, it’s the sign that I’ve “made it”. Perhaps thinking about it from that perspective might help as well? It turned the experience into a pretty-much positive one for me ;)

Good luck!

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