Stop Letting Guilt Sabotage Your Time Off!
Dr. Emily Anhalt

Thanks so much for this. I’ve come to really resent the bravado of the I-never-take-a-break martyr. I’ve had many bosses and colleagues (and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve done this a time or two myself) who take a sick kind of pride in answering emails and signing off tasks while on holidays and personal days. It’s twisted, and it defeats the purpose of that time away from the office to begin with. Most recently, I had a boss who was nothing short of incredulous when I implied that I wouldn’t be reachable by phone or email during my two week honeymoon abroad. “Well, yeah, but we’ll still be able to reach you, right? We’re going to need things, you know,”. I handed in my resignation less than a week later. Let’s get a collective chorus swell of “fuck that” — and commit to self-care like it’s a KPI.

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