An Open Letter To The Writers Of Disney Channel

This is great! Spot on. I felt an overwhelming urge when I was target-market-age to seek out different grown-up content, where the characters (particularly female characters) were three-dimensional and bore at least some resemblance to a life that I recognised. I think this point extends far beyond just the Disney channel, to all television and online content aimed at children/tweens/teens. We can bemoan screen-time for kids all we want, but the fact remains that these universes are where experiences are normalised (as you point out) and these kids learn what life is like and how to do it. Why not give them something approaching reality? Something vaguely recognisable to them? Girls with hair that isn’t always shiny, or boys who are both smart and scared, or grown-ups that have respectful and meaningful conversations? Thanks so much for this piece, great work!

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