My second shitty first draft

Main point — a bad advertising campaign is like hearing a bad story. If there are too many details you don’t care about you go crazy and just want that person to go away or get to the point. But in a bad ad campaign they will just go away.

Secondary point — organization matters and you have speak to your audience by highlighting the details they care about

Context — you can’t wait until a horrible story ends so you can get away

My worst fear is getting caught in a social setting with a horrible story teller. It usually starts quite innocuously with some point and then you hear the dreaded, “you won’t believe this one” followed by that same person telling you about every mundane detail of the scene until you hit the point you are about to explode… “I get it you were at a bar and met a girl!!!!” Unfortunately, you can’t just switch screens in a social setting to get away but when you’re advertising online it is that easy for your customers to shut you off like I wish I could do to the horrible story teller.

An advertising campaign is just like a story your being told. You have to have a point and create a scene with details that entertain and attract your audience. If you don’t no one will want to listen to you. The most important point is to know the point you want to get across to get an action.

  • Do you want your customers to know about a new line of clothing? Well highlight what makes this line great and make sure you direct it to the right audience. Grandma’s don’t tend to be hipster (most of the time at least…)
  • Do you want your customers to sign-up to your newsletter? Make sure you provide them with content that they can use. Tease them with something super relevant and offer more if they sign-up.

Before you creating content do a practice run (like I’m doing here). 
- Know the point you want to get across
- Assess if that will help you get the action you want achieved
- Include the main details and don’t get caught into too much technicality
- Make sure you are framing your message in a way that reaches your audience… How are you helping them or solving a problem or why do you have something they must have.

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