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Lawrence, I do not know you, but I do know Yasuhiko and have been following his work since for the past decade after reading his epic and seminal writing on Alignment Beyond Agreement (I highly recommend to everyone and have for the past decade. The distinctions he makes between intention and opinion are essential for a society that is going to thrive and make it through. When I saw his post yesterday and then came to your Medium blog, I was shocked to see that it was not just a version, but a blatant and outright plagiarized article. You could have done yourself honor by reposting it with his name. That would have been in integrity. I will be reporting this to the Trust and Safety Team at Medium becuase this is a very valuable platform and I know that Kate Lee and elizabeth tobey care about these things (I’ve been reading: and I am actually taking my precious time to make this complaint. I don’t have this kind of time. But so often our lives are so busy and we must take stands for ethics and a higher way of engaging and honoring self and other and the culture at large. I am here taking a stand for the community of Medium and all they have generated here with this platform, and for the good name and work of Yasuhiko who brings much greatness to the world at large, and to invite you to look at your actions and go deeper than reaction and step into radical responsibility. You’ve chosen something that has done harm, ultimately to yourself and there is likely a deep lesson here. I wish you luck on this journey toward greater responsibility and making right what you have wronged. I also look forward to hearing from Medium about how they will address this.

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