What are the environment benefits of buying pre-owned clothes?

Sheril Dsouza
2 min readJul 2, 2018

Did you hear about the emergence of second-hand clothing stores? Yes, these consignment stores allow buying and selling of pre-owned clothes. You can now buy women used dresses at a fraction of its original price. All the time that was spend wistfully starring at a mannequin donning a Versace gown will be passé as you now have the golden opportunity of owning these dresses for a very low cost!

One of the major reasons why second-hand clothing stores selling branded clothes online are doing well is because it saves money. But apart from being easy on the pocket, another benefit of purchasing used dresses for sale is environment sustainability. Yes, buying pre-owned fashion is eco-friendly and this recycling system helps everyone in the community.

Let’s see the environmental benefits of buying pre-owned dresses for sale.

Textile waste

It is one of the best ways to deal with textile waste as clothes get dumped after a few wears. Second hand clothes get used by a new person for a few more years, and this extends the lifespan of the garment. When many clothes get discarded by most people, it generates an enormous amount of waste. But when those garments are used to their fullest capabilities, then clothing can take up to 10 years before touching a landfill.


A lot of water and chemicals go into manufacturing our garments. Approximately 1,800 gallons of water are required to make one pair of blue jeans. If the clothes are recycled, it means we are being living a more sustainable life. The water that is used to make these clothes, instead of getting lost as industrial waste, can now be used for other purposes, like drinking water.


Why is buying used clothes for sale a better use of textile waste? Second hand clothing encourages and develops a recycling community. Recycling garments aids those in need and helps the environment as well. On a socio-economic level, it’s allows people to create a new identity out of branded used clothing that offers them better shot in the social world. On a society level, it develops a culture of recycling. Buying second hand clothes assists in keeping the recycling system in place as people who can otherwise not afford these garments are able to wear them.

These are a few of the environmental as well as societal benefits of buying pre-owned fashion. We can progress together as a community if more people practice buying and selling second-hand clothes.