Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister

Thank you. I’ve often said that, as a liberal atheist, my worldview is far more Christian than the politics of the religious right. I cannot understand how the far right can be so far from the Biblical teachings they claim as the base of their political rhetoric.

I can understand those who consider themselves conservatives. I think their fiscal policy is dead wrong for many reasons (borne out by economic history), but I understand why the talking points are persuasive. Seeing the value (ROI) in investing in education, the poor, healthcare, and other government programs requires a shift in perception average people are not capable of making.

I have not read many comments in this thread, but I hope they are kind and respectful. Medium tends to have a thoughtful and intelligent audience; a good choice for well-reasoned discussion.

About that one condescending guy who seems to think you’ll grow out of this silly liberal phase: I’m 56, well-educated, and moderately wealthy. I don’t see myself adulting to any level that would convince me to become a Republican. I will always be on the side of equality, equity, and diversity.

Welcome to the human side of politics. We are very happy to have you.

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