4 Little Reminders Why I’m at Breaking Point

  1. A new silver sing I bought, it’s a silly little ring but I broke it by accident when I was drunk.
  2. The oval yellowish pill is a migraine pill that I had to take Saturday morning after sleeping til 3pm because I was not able to get myself out of bed after Friday night. I thought my brain was going to burst.
  3. The white round pill is the first attempt I made at numbing the headace — paracetamol. It wasn’t strong enough. That was for me a very bad sign of how severe my problem is.
  4. The small white little canderel pill is what I need to drink with my coffee now due to increased weight. Weight I gained due to stress and drinking and lying. I am the disgusting product of my choices.

These are 4 little reminders next to my bed that will remind me of why I need to go to bed sober every night from now on. I will treasure them. I will keep them safe. I will not break the promise I made to my future that this is it. No more.

A person has to come to a point where enough is simply enough. One can only hit rock bottom so many times.