He Bought Me Golf Clubs!

A few years ago, my now partner was single and ready to mingle, and ready to find someone who was perfect for him.

He bought me golf clubs.

He had never met me. He had never heard of me. He had no idea who I was, what I looked like, or what I liked. He had no idea if I golfed, if I was interested in golfing, if I had golf clubs already. He just knew that he liked to golf, and that it was important to him that whoever he ended up with would be willing to at least try it.

He knew nothing about visualization or the law of attraction, by the way. In fact, if he had been presented with these ideas, he probably would have snorted with laughter and shaken his head at the crazy person. He may have even said it out loud. Probably not to their face, but he would have thought it for sure. (He has since changed his mind now that he met me!)

He made space for me in his life. He created a safe space for me to exist. He decided what his future was going to look like, and he went out and got all the parts of the life he wanted to have. He thought about what he wanted his future to look like, he mapped out what he wanted and didn’t want, and then he went for it. No holds barred, no fear, no waiting for me to actually show up. He took a leap of faith.

When I arrived, he was already clear on what he wanted, and had done the work on himself to really be ready to be with me. He was excited to find someone who fit perfectly into the space he had created, and I think a bit surprised by how easy it was. And I felt welcomed and wanted right from day one.

So, how do you do this? How do you create the space in your life and really become ready to get what you want in your future? Do you have to actually buy the golf clubs? Well, you certainly can. Or….

Imagine what that future will look like. Really day dream about the nitty gritty of it. Imagine the conversations, and the actions, and what it will look and feel like. Be brave and put yourself out there to the universe. Write it down, or record it. Either way, you can create the reality you want and then experience what that feels like. Pretend for a few minutes that it’s real. Try it on for size, and get comfortable with how it feels. How you feel when you are there. It can be very powerful.

Let your imagination go wild — it’s okay to be wild and crazy in your dreams! Get clear on what you want from life, and then get clear on what that will feel like, what it will look like, how you will respond to it. Practice makes perfect, so practice up. That way, when the real deal shows up, you won’t be scared or nervous, or unclear about what your response should be — you will be ready and waiting (impatiently) for it and you will be all set to embrace it and make it yours!

Visualization is like journalling on steroids. It involves in depth imagining of the future you want to create. You need to really believe that it will happen, and picture every small detail, in order to get the full effect. It can be quite intimidating, and I have to admit I am not terribly good at it yet. But, if you are imaginative and creative, and able to fantasize about the future you want, then go for it. You are truly only limited by your imagination!

It’s difficult sometimes to really accept that these concepts work. It goes against everything we were taught in society. We don’t always feel open to trying something that is a bit out of the mainstream. We worry it won’t work. We worry that we will be judged. We feel shame for not being “organically” successful. We fear that if we do take the chance, it won’t work out. But, I promise you, if you “buy the golf clubs” good things can and will happen for you!

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