The Birch Resolved

The Birch Resolved

My leaves turn the other cheek, 
Soaking up

Someone’s sunlight that laughs as it drifts

All my gaps and these wide open cracks. Where 

Reach, clasped in choke-hold paths. Nested 
And nestled

Between praying palms, not yet engraved by any

Hand. No Initials or promises of forever for roots

In this shadowed place. Tongues tasting earth where Momma

Speaks. Pointing out foolishness like flecks of dust, offering

To aid. Instead, asking only why my mind don’t
Got no

Sense. You told me nature made me so. Nature made me

But Damn that Woodpecker. Don’t he know I’m already full
Of holes?

Hollowed out right. Down and out right. I’d shake him if I could

Splinters and sharpened leaves. I’d hang closed signs from each arm
And leg

But I’m bowed, bound in bark and he got all the bite. Standing so still
I stay,

Hoping the swollen skies will take pity and let down showers
 Of Whiskey

Or worse. Water no longer Nurtures
This thirst.

As I stand begging the sun to sink behind tomorrow’s 

Shoulder. Where he will migrate, leaving me to my

Mind. Leaving me with a piece of it at least. Nature
Made me

So. Nature made me, so I bow and am bound in this bark to give
Every last bite.

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