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In-between is a prototype to help people get to more than one place when planning a trip. I have multiple times been in the car with my boyfriend and we would select a destination but also want to go somewhere in between our current location and destination. I would need to get to a friend’s house and also need to pick up some snacks at Safeway. I would originally put their destination in and have no option on Google Maps to add a 3rd location. So i would have to separately put one location and then carry that location to the next. It takes up time and effort. We all want to get our destinations the fastest way possible. With in-between you can save that time and worrying about where to turn next!

User need: saving time by not having to do extra steps in your navigational app.

Solution: add an in-between location that can do the work for you before you hit the road.

We started with our

  1. Design Briefs :

a. I chose Time as my design brief

b. Redesign the way we experience or interact with time.

2. Need finding:

a. Point of view: We all want to get our tasks done the fastest way possible. We want to save time with minimal effort. When planning our day we need to get from one point to another but sometimes we need to pick up something along the way like our groceries. By adding the option of an in between location, we can get to all of our destinations with the fastest route possible.

3. Inspiration Quality:

a. Words that relate to my design idea:In between, travel, convenience, faster, maps, en route, scheduler, save time, add location

b. Existing inspirations that relate to your thinking and explanations of why you chose those designs.

Google maps is the most popular navigational apps. It is simple and easy to use, you plug in your location and destination and you can interchange. It includes traffic patterns and recommends you the fastest route without you having to select that option. But a set back is what if i want to go to seattle from my current location but also go to another city outside Portland? There is no third line for that.

4. Prototyping

a. Storyboard

b. Prototype

5. Heuristic Evaluation

a. Major problems identified with prototype → solutions

The most major problem identified with all prototypes is User Control and Freedom. Users need to have a way to edit their submissions or control to exit what they are doing. For mine, i don’t really give the button option for users to go back to the main page. My solution is to include it on the top right corner where most admin problems are and have the button “menu”

6. A plan and skeleton

a. Made a list of HE violations and a list of Changes

7. Ready for Testing

a. Made Prototype of app

8. Test your Prototype

a. Test live users with consent form and instructions

b. Change original prototype to the changes that users mentioned

9. Results

a. Used software to test out application and give video recording feedback

10. Show and Tell

a. Make Medium, Youtube and social media platforms to market the app.

b. Final product :

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