Don’t be just a developer.

I’m working as a Back-end Engineer in a small B2B E-Commerce startup, Yfret Technologies ( < 10 ) . When you work for a startup, you’re expected to wear multiple hats byl default. We don’t have any in-house sales, marketing and support team. Every developer held responsible for managing existing customers and on-boarding new customers. Other than building cool stuffs, I also happily say that I have thoroughly been enjoying the perks of working in a startup. I’m going to share some of those with you all on this blog and I believe this will help you in some way or other.

Get Your Hands Dirty:
When most of software engineers who have similar years of me tries to be better everyday in development. I dared myself also to get my hands dirty by trying out different things. Only when I started trying it out, I got to know that there is a whole new universe out there other than development. If you think handling thousands of requests in a second or managing gigabytes of data in a day is difficult. Try selling what you’ve built. Try bringing in new customers to sign up to your platform. Try talking to existing customer in a conference call for almost an hour . Then, You will understand the real pain.

I’ve done solo sales demo. I’ve tried reaching out to potential customer through Linkedin. I’ve supported customers during both integration and on-boarding . So, How I got benefited by doing all this.

1. It helped me to increase my confidence level to initiate conversation with almost everybody.
2. Instead of just thinking in developer perspective about product, started thinking from the customer’s perspective. It helped me to be better product owner.
3. Gained more patience! Unofficially, I got a masters degree in Patience now ;)

Building Connections:

One thing I like about making connections is that knowledge sharing and discovery. I am lucky to be part of the startup community where knowledge sharing like how to manage money, environment sustainability, founder’s journey happens very frequently. We can not be an expert at every damn thing. Only when you spend time connecting with others, you will get the opportunity to gain their knowledge and share and validate your own.

You never know who you going to meet, until you meet them. If you’re pooling in a cab or having coffee alone in the Cafe or when traveling somewhere, try making conversation with others who you’ve never met before. It might end up laying foundation to move up in a career ladder or start your own business. I have seen casual coffee meet which lead to seed funding for one of my connection’s startup. Life is totally unpredictable. You never know what life is willing to offer you.

So, Don’t be just a Developer. Be a face of your company. Be like CEO. Throw yourself out and just see what happens. Don’t ever afraid to get your hands dirty! Cheers :)

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