“Secret Admirer” — A Short Story

Sitting in the corner of the class, I was busy with my make up, covering my lips with my favorite lipstick that had been faded. I was annoyed; Everything ruined my mood since the time I went to Campus today. I could see through the class windows, the corridor was full of people — they were busier than usual, happiness covered their faces and flowers and chocolates were held by most of them. This was just an ordinary day for me, but Valentine’s Day for everyone. It successfully ruined my mood to find out that she got many gifts from all the boys at school, including Vinz, the most handsome boy in our Campus. Truth be told, I hated it.

That girl — She was very beautiful, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She got beautiful eyes, long black hair that swept her blushed cheeks smiling peacefully.

I love her smell, the way she walks, the sound of her laughs, everything about her. I adore her too much. I would never let those boys take her. She should be mine. She would always be mine. I promise that I would never lose her.

I just finished packing my things when someone came to me, a boy with messy yet handsome looks. It was Vinz. ’Let me take you home’, he said to me with smile. I rejected him politely, taking my bag and all Valentine’s gifts that I got today. I never want to spend my time with him, or all the boys like him. ‘I should go back. I should go back now’, I talked to myself. Putting earphones while I walked as fast as I could, I kept looking down, hoped that no one would stop my way.

As I arrived, I threw away all the Valentine’s gifts to the trashcan and entered my room. ‘Sigh, it’s a long day’, I murmured while locking the door. My mood boosted up quickly just as I came to this place, my own room. I did not feel insecure anymore. I knew I will be safe here. I looked at my dressing table in front of my eyes. I walked slowly to get closer with the mirror, blinking my wonderful eyes and rubbing my beautiful long black hair that swept my blushed cheeks. I smiled peacefully and whispered to the reflection in the mirror:

‘don’t be afraid, I will never lose you.’


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