Student-athlete Hopes for a National Title

by Sherly Montes

Tyreise Swain, 18, junior, stretching during track and field practice at the Field House. April 26, 2016. Photo by: Sherly Montes

Hillhouse High School student-athlete, Tyreise Swain, 18, said he would describe himself as a fast and very competitive person.

“I’m a sprinter for the team and I’ve always been fast, so I’ve always wanted to do something I like, like running,” said Swain. “I love meets because you’re racing people from different schools that are close to your time or your speed.”

The Hillhouse junior has been on the track team since his freshman year of high school and has managed to place records since his first season on the team. Swain placed records in both the 200 meter and 400 meter race as a freshman, and while he hasn’t placed any records thus far this season, he plans to place the same records in the 200 and 400 meter races, but as a junior.

“I haven’t broken any records yet, but we’ve only had like four meets so far,” said Swain. “We have way more to go, so we’re just getting started this season.”

By the end of this outdoor track season, Swain will be finishing up his junior year and moving on to his final year at Hillhouse High School. Swain plans to be on the team his senior year and hopes to become a National Champion.

“There’s a certain time you have to beat to be a National Champion, I think it’s 48 seconds or faster,” said Swain. “If I run 48 seconds at a regular meet, I qualify for nationals, and if I do it [run 48 seconds or less] at nationals, I qualify for being a champion. But for this season, I just want to get better, and work harder.”

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