In Defense Of Ms. Hill
Talib Kweli Greene

Kweli and Hill are acting like the fans are the ones with a sense of entitlement. He’s got it 100% backwards. An artist is not entitled to skip a concert that fans have paid for just because they don’t feel like going on. An artist is not entitled to give a half-assed performance just because it strikes their mood. And an artist is definitely not entitled to evade millions of dollars in taxes as “Ms. Hill” did just because “the system, man”.

Both of them have gotten rich by talking about they’re oppressed. After you reach a certain level of wealth and status, maybe you should drop the whole “poor me” routine. Either that or retire. And, yeah, I’m allowed to express that thought. Kweli is not entitled to dismiss people’s opinions on the basis of their race. Or rather, he can, but people will see him for the buffoon he’s become.

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