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It seems like AI/ML is the big thing in silicon valley. If you check out how the VC money is moving, what the TechCrunch articles say, and what’s being posted on HackerNews, it’s like ML is the greatest thing since social networks. If Machine Learning is so great, why don’t we use it everywhere? Why not get rich building prediction models for the stock market? According to this NVIDIA blogpost, Deep Learning, responsible for the current ML boom, wasn’t so great until recently:

Over the past few years AI has exploded, and especially since 2015. Much of that has to do with the wide availability of GPUs that make parallel processing ever faster, cheaper, and more powerful. It also has to do with the simultaneous one-two punch of practically infinite storage and a flood of data of every stripe (that whole Big Data movement) — images, text, transactions, mapping data, you name it. …


Sherol Chen

AI, Games, and Education

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