Questions like, what an artist does? what an artist contribute to the society? how an artist do his/her passion? Is he/she perceive the things in accordance with how the people perceive it? Do people accept or reject them? How and why? We can describe and tell how these people — artists — do their respective things in life. But, do we really have an idea about it? or we are just giving our great guesses of how passionate they are in the world that they are in?

Miss Lani Mercado, Rjay Ty and Maria Alilia “Mosang” Bagio are some of the many artist in their corresponding fields. They are artists in the way they know and in the way they do it. Miss Lani Mercado, an artist who does art in the form of acting, singing and such. The one we see in the Philippine Television, Politics and known by vast number of people. Rjay Ty, he’s a recording artist, a singer of Hip Hop music. Lastly, Mosang is the one we also see in the Philippine Television. She is seen on Pepito Manaloto, a TV show in GMA 7. That is one thing common among the three of them, they are called ‘artists’, they belong in the population who has high inclination for arts. Miss Lani Mercado and Rjay Ty loves to sing, Mosang and Miss Lani loves acting and theater. Little things that we know about them. They have this passion to create meaningful actions which they do for the people who supports them in a way they didn’t expect. They have this fulfilling feeling whenever they know that they are reaching the people out there, they make something that can’t be wasted. Things that being loved and enjoyed by the people. Things which holds their personality intact to face the people. According to Rjay Ty, ‘It is the masses who feed the artist and for the artist to get feed — kailangan magustuhan nila’ pertaining to what the artist is doing. The two ladies had a life in acting, they have shared — Miss Lani and Mosang — their lives with their distinct acts of art. The difference, I think would vary on what an artist do. Again, as discussed in class, there is no specific definition of art, for the reason that art is everything and anything we — you — see.

In their personal lives, of course, they have their own roles to play. Miss Lani, a mother to her children, a wife, and a politician which requires the responsibility to take in-charge for the welfare of her constituents. Rjay Ty, as a rapper who continues do make his own music. And Mosang who is a mother also and actress to her world of theater. Roles in society, they are artists who can be such a model for the aspiring teens and adults out there.

Qualities that I like to imitate in the future as a professional is that, be patient, humble, down to earth and just keep going and keep doing what I wanted to do in life, just like what Rjay Ty and Miss Lani has to say to the aspirants. They both an inspiration to those who want to pursue what they wanted in life. Failures are just part of the journey every one has to take and you — we — have to accept it.

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