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For the UCD Charette, our section was assigned to identify specific issues that certain people would have with smart cars and come up with solutions. We were to design the interactive navigation system that would be right for the certain profile of drivers. My group of three was assigned with the character profile of drivers who have a long commute to work and often face severe traffic.

We brainstormed on Post-Its that these drivers may have problems such as that they have to make stops before going home from work such as stopping by a restaurant for take-out, refilling gas, or picking up their children from a daycare, time-consuming things that my own mother has to do every weekday.

We drew a four-panel comic to storyboard and show these obstacles drivers overcome and how our service and product could help.

After discussing, my group decided to focus on a Maps app that can find the fastest route to the user’s destination, which can be preset to “home” or “work”, while displaying traffic, accidents, and gas stations on alternate routes. In addition, we felt that checking the screen repeatedly during stop-and-go traffic was potentially dangerous, so we should include voice command functions and hard buttons.

Our flowchart for how the user can interact with the navigation service and the different options and preferences

We then proceeded to create prototypes of the display screens along with hard buttons on the side. In the end, we drew connecting lines to show how the interaction between menus and screens would vary if the user used voice command instead, or if they wanted the most convenient default settings.

Process of drawing the display interfaces

I learned a lot about the process of user interaction design during my first sprint. I enjoyed using different ways of brainstorming and ideation such as using Post-Its, storyboarding, making flowcharts, and connecting interfaces.

Things we learned from this charette
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