How to Avoid Computer Eye Strain and Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Eyestrain is a symptom that manifests when you over-exert your eyes over an extended period of time, through activities such as reading or viewing an electronically-lit screen.

Eyestrain may include one or a combination of the following:

• Pain and tension around the eyes or temples

• Eye dryness and/or redness

• Sensitivity to light

• Headache

• Double vision

An eye massager is an electronic device that may help alleviate headache pain without the use of over-the-counter or prescription pain killers. Typically, the eye massager is shaped like an eye mask with a remote control attached to it. The mask massages the eye sockets, temples, muscles, and pressure points around the eyes. Also, it is much cheaper than other head massagers.

Benefits of an Eye & Scalp Massage

1. It can help to prevent headaches, migraines, reduce puffiness and even soothe back pain.

2. Massages that focus on the head exclusively can actually promote hair growth.

3. Another benefit is detoxification.

4. Massage of the eyes and the head can also help with insomnia and general sleeplessness.

5. Another surprising benefit to massage that focuses on the temple and the eyes is the alleviation of anxiety and depression symptoms.

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