Review: TOZO C2032 Off Road RC CAR Review

TOZO company always tries to put new ideas and technology into their products to maximize customer happiness. Nowadays, their C2032 remote control truck is one the most popular model among a big variety of the similar products. This truck includes a very powerful engine + long-life battery. The car has a really quality material so you shouldn’t worry about damage in case of collision with any barriers.

Main Features:

To start with, you should know that TOZO C2032 manufactured with 2.4GHz radio system, which is really cool. As I noticed above, the engine is very powerful that allows you to ride approximately 25–35 miles per hour. Each wheel has its own suspension system for decreasing negative effect from a ragged surface.

The transmitter is amazing, because you can control the vehicle up to 100 meters away. No doubt, it is good, cause it is featured with limited voltage protection device that helps avoid the battery over-voltage damage. And in the same time, it also utilizes low voltage and power over-discharge protection device to guarantee sustainable good battery performance.

Customer Satisfaction over the Item:

A lot of customers are surprised at a speed of this truck, even driving on the grass. Some people buy TOZO just because of long-life battery. In comparison with other truck this model has lots of advantages, here you can find more detailed information here.

What I don’t like about this item:

Nevertheless, some users noticed difficulties with its range. Some wrote bad reviews about the controller saying it is terrible that it could control the car with short range. Also, few also complained about its pistol grip style. Anyway, it is depend on people preference only.

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