That was a very powerful response.
Joshua Sanders

Thanks for the feed back. I agree that shouting “F*** Trump” is a cry of frustration, immature and not productive and only accomplishes wiping up emotion which is great at a concert or what ever, but is really a distraction at times like these. I was in Washington and attempted several times to get to the main area but the crowd was enormous ,after seeing some of the speeches on TV later that evening, I was glad I wasn’t able to see some of the “speakers” as some of them had no added value at all. The experience I had being a part of , what I call , the real March was nothing short of amazing. I understand your point about feeling the need to have a , focused point, and how you feel the point of the March was not clear but abstract. What I can tell you from experience is that sometimes protests don’t have a focused point but are an abstract cry to wake the f*** up and the fine point focus comes after. My hope is that as this Administration continues to prove that we need to stay awake if we want to remain free to make or own choices, people will stop shouting at each other and start actually talking. Lastly as a seasoned protester, I was born in the early 60's in the South between the Vietnam War, The Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Rights etc, it’s kind of in my blood, I can tell you the F*** Trump stuff will stop soon enough, the shouting will die down and the serious movement that will effect change will take over. People can run on high emotion for only so long, once the folks running purely on emotion get tired the serious folks will go about getting stuff done. Its then that I believe the moderate folks, myself included, will feel more comfortable getting involved.

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