Doppelschmerzen: Pining for virtual soulmates

I just made up a new word that describes a feeling I have developed since I found my tribe on Medium. S Lynn Knight helped with the definition.

I said, “ I pine for S Lynn Knight, Jules, Colette Clarke Torres, alto, Peter A Slaughter, Alison Bennett, Oliver Shiny, Danna Colman, Patricia Naomi Webster and so many more, as if I’d known you for years and we’ve all spread out over the world. I miss you all on such a visceral level and yet none of us have met in real life. We must make up a name for this phenomenon as I’m sure it must be more and more common with the interwebs being so popular and all.”

She replied, “all of us seem to be humming on a shared frequency and I dig it and have been MISSING it as if I’d been born a twin yet the only to survive.” I instantly knew EXACTLY what she meant.

So I came up with Doppelschmerzen which directly translates from German into “twin ache.”

I am experiencing doppelschmerzen for all of you and many I haven’t mentioned for lack of space and the effect of the earliness of the hour on my morning-shocked brain.

What about you? Are you feeling doppelschmerzen? For whom and why?