Exquisite Tenderness

Courtesy of SplitShire/Pixabay. Creative Commons CCO.

exquisite tenderness,
I have
never known

It touches me
so deeply
in all the
empty places
I didn’t even know
were there.

You fill them up with
unending love and adoration.
innate understanding
of what it is
that a human needs
to thrive.
How do you
know this?
It is a 
mystery to me.

You approach
like an animal rescuer approaches
an abused dog.
You will
set me free.

You know
I’ve been damaged.
you don’t see me 
that way.

You understand
but it doesn’t
define me.
You accept
the heavy baggage.

Your name for me is 
Little Faerie Princess.
You can’t get over me.
You tell me
every day,
You can’t believe that
I am yours.

I never
tire of hearing you
say those words.

But, my darling,
don’t you know?
I am the
lucky one
in this union.

I am the
blessed one
in our fusion.

I am drinking in
your exquisite tenderness
every moment of every day.

And I am healing
every moment
in every possible way.