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God, do I know all about being the sick one.

And I definitely understand writing about funny things and making people laugh because it took me years to write about my illness, how disgusting I felt, the horror and terror of not knowing whether I was going to live or die, the unspeakable “treatments” I went through, being misdiagnosed and having the exact opposite things done to my body that were called for with my illness. For decades, I couldn’t talk about it without shaking like a leaf.

I finally started trying to write a book about it years ago, but I could never get myself to actually talk about the illness and symptoms because they were so gross and it was so painful I wrote around it for years.

Recently I started writing about some of the actual trauma I went through and I sobbed as I wrote. And I am quite a bit older than you and it is still very difficult to write about. Also, I have so much of my story written but not published, because I know it would give my elderly mom a stroke if she ever read it. So I’m still trying to figure that part out.

And I still have so much to tell, but it is so painful that I can only manage a bit at a time and then I have to write something funny or amusing.

But little by little, I’m chipping away at it. And getting a little closer to the core in the stories I publish and in my drawings. The illustration in the Dear David Bowie story was really scary to include, but it was the most honest way I could describe what I went through and I was scared shitless when I hit publish.

You need to know that everything you write is meaningful and a part of you and that is why people love your work. If you feel like writing about your more personal and painful experiences I think it will be incredibly powerful and touch many a soul. But the fact that you’re not writing about that aspect of your life doesn’t make you any less of a writer. And when you’re ready, and if you want to, you’ll write about it.

Your partner sounds like a real keeper. And if you ever want to talk about what’s going on with your health or anything else for that matter, I am always here for you.

And if you need support or a second eye or just want to write a little about some of the things you’ve been through but don’t want to publish it, I would be honored to read it. Your fellow alien is here for you. And if you finish a memoir, I have a great title for it: Wonder Woman! ❤

It’s 3:04 am here in Twin Peaks and I have a sleeping cat snuggled into one side of me and a sleeping man on the other side and I am wide awake! Raleigh, our other cat is at the foot of the bed, staring at me with a look of confusion.

Sending you big love and gentle hugs right back to you! xoxoxo

p.s. I can’t stop thinking about a Steampunk prosthetic neck and head supporter - I seriously want one!