Dear-Medium- “Losers- like -Me”- It is Saturday night and no one is on-line or responding to apps…
Thomas R. Barton, JD

I would have responded, THOMAS BARTON JD, but I am a certified luddite except for my savant skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.

As a matter of fact, I accidentally deleted my email yesterday from my laptop and now I’m getting no email. None. Except one from my beloved husband, Peter to check it, and one from my beloved friend Peter A Slaughter to reply that yes he’d received my tragic email update.

Other than that, zip. Then I go to Medium and I have 75 new messages! What the?

I live on top of a mountain in a forest and my cell phone rarely works up here. I keep it on hand in case my car conks out while driving up and down the hill as we locals affectionately refer to our mountain.

Sadly it probably won’t work, but someone will stop to help me, because we are an insular community and help each other because if we don’t, who will?

I hate holding that darn contraption to my ear. It is not designed ergonomically. Now there’s a stroke of tech start-up genius. Make a phone that’s easy to hold and won’t render your hand numb. That result should be relegated to activities of which we shall not speak in this particular rant.

Then we wouldn’t be dropping them and cracking the display all the time.

Also, all the apps are lost on me. How obsessed with social media to you have to be to need an app that literally won’t let you use your phone??? What happened to single-tasking? Reading? Correspondence. With texting becoming the cultural communication of the day, we are going to evolve into a species with no digits but small, graceful, lightening fast thumbs.

The down side is I can’t imagine playing my vintage hollow-body Gibson Sunburst without my other fingers. Pity.

I am sorry I wasn’t aware of your plea to the universe. I most certainly would have responded.