I Dreamt Of A Dog Named Jack — A Short Series
S Lynn Knight

Jack is a beauty and your soulmate for sure. I too believe that dogs come for us and are on loan from the heavens until, like in Mary Poppins, we have learned what they came for and then they move on spreading their love and wisdom to others, teaching us all the magic of unconditional love.

My ex and I used to rescue unadoptable large older dogs, as we had a large property and though our time with them was shorter than we would have liked, watching them regain their dignity and zest for life, accepting their gratitude and unconditional love and learning every day from them was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

I’m so glad you saved Jack from that horrendous puppy mill. There is a desperate need for much stricter regulations and oversight on these inhumane, heartless places.

How lucky to have you for his mommy ❤