A Moment Broken
Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll

I love how you are able to take a moment in daily life and expose its greater meaning in the context of humanity.

This story in particular, for me, is not just about a magical experience being broken. It is about the delicacy of vulnerability and the power we each hold to choose to honor it or destroy it.

It is also about empathy and compassion.

Not just for the little girl, but for the woman who broke the moment. Was she on her way to the hospital to visit a sick or dying parent, or worse, her own child, hoping to bring them their favorite treat, but knowing her boss wouldn’t allow her to be gone for more than 1 hour?

Had she just been verbally abused by her partner for the umpteenth time and desperately needed an eclair, the only bastion left where she could find comfort?

Or was she a self-entitled person, used to getting everything she wants with no ability to care for others, let alone find joy in a child’s excitement over the indescribable ecstasy and power of choosing ones own birthday cake? That could be the saddest scenario of all.