Please do not tell me what to do and get counseling cuz I all ready got a lot of it.
Karma Hit by James
Smash Street

Me too James, and it only helped so much. I will never “get over” the heinous shit I went through.

Your film is so powerful and touches me deeply.

I lost a lot friends, too.

I thought I was going to die. I was 12. When I found out I was going to live I was 15.

And then, for some bizarre reason, I wanted to die. I wanted to hurt myself. I try not to hurt myself anymore, but the desire is still there. Not all the time, though. It’s subsided a lot.

But I’m not “over it.” And I know I never will be. I have to keep watch so I stay okay.

Today I write about it and draw about it so I can scream what I went through across the internet. It helps me let go of my shame and makes me feel powerful.

But I’m not saying that’s what you should do. It’s only what makes me feel better.

Love, Sherry