I may be wrong but I think not everyone from Transylvania is a vampire.
Peter A Slaughter

My dear Peter,
I don’t remember saying my grandfather was a vampire and I’m frankly just a tad bit insulted that you would succumb to such a mainstream stereotype. My grandfather was most definitely not a vampire.

Actually, I am now succumbing to mainstream stereotypes myself, but do Jewish vampires even exist? I’ve never heard of one - have you?

We have so much in common! I also have never understood the appeal of vampire culture and agree that there are many more interesting ways to spend one’s time in the boudoir than drawing blood from your lover’s neck. Like playing Aliens and Hillbilly Farmers, for example.

I did appreciate the information about why we Hungarians are so crazy. I’d love to hear from any Hungarians out there in the interwebs who are well adjusted and find out which part of Hungary they came from and if it is just my family or Hungarians in general.

Actually, while I was writing that last paragraph, the one sane Hungarian I know just popped into my head. She is one of the most gorgeous humans I’ve ever met, and a wonderful writer and photographer. I don’t think she’s crazy, but then again I don’t know her that well.

ALSO, her father was born in Transylvania and he wasn’t a vampire either! But then again, he was also Jewish. Hmmm… much to think about.