Not sure you can do Ecky Thump in the US of A Sherry.
Peter A Slaughter

My funny Peter,
I have no Yorkshire ancestors, as far as I know, nor do I have any Yorkshire in me as we speak, much to my husband’s relief. That said, I have been to Yorkshire and found it lovely.

My mom’s side is completely Hungarian - she is the only one born in America and Hungarian was her first language.

I’m certain that accounts for much of my crazy, as I have yet to meet a sane Hungarian. No offense, Hungarians - I know this is a broad stereotype and I am speaking from limited experience. Just probably 100 or so of my crazy family members and their friends, spouses, children, etc.

If you can show me even 30 very well-adjusted, serene, spiritual, compassionate, quiet and introspective Hungarians, I’ll happily change my opinion.

As for Ecky Thump, even if there were a nearby Ecky Thump Master, I fear my nearly broken body would not withstand the physical toll or the blood sausage (or whatever in the name of all that is holy they call that abomination). I nearly vomited, just watching the E. Thumpers eating it, as did they after consumption. As you may recall, I suffer from sympathy vomiting.

Warmest regards,