meeting some of my east coast peeps july’ish…are you close to there?
Dave Grigger

No :( My husband is a former east coast peep, but I’m a life-long Californian.

The cloud cover never ceases to fill me with awe

We live in a mountain forest in Southern California, high above the now infamous San Bernardino. Since it is one of the poorest counties with one of the highest crime rates in the country, it’s hard to understand why they chose it to make an example of American consumerism and decadence

The mountains 6,000 feet above however, are divine.

When will our Medium tribe be in California? We can set up a little tent commune in the woods behind our house and of course there is a comfy couch and extra bedroom plus tons of little inns and B&Bs everywhere, because it is a National Forest and a vacation destination. Fall of 2016? Spring or summer of 2017?

Lakes, hiking, birding, fishing, old wonderful cabins, antiquing, incredible views, I’m a pretty good cook…

Any takers?