Respect the Album. I Dare You.
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

Oliver Shiny and Jules, what a great meditation on shuffle, albums and ultimately art and the artist’s intention (not withstanding interference from the record companies).

I am old enough to remember the hey day of FM radio in the ’70s. When the “segue” was king. And DJs were free to play entire albums and then segue into the next album, in the same key mind you, that took the previous album’s theme and spun it into a different direction. And so on and so on.

Or they would do that with individual songs. The opposite of shuffle and random. It required quick thinking, incredible planning and not only a deep understanding of the music, but a great imagination, as well.

I am incapable of using the shuffle feature on my itunes. I find it abrasive and galling. My soul connects deeply to a piece of music and is suddenly smashed and startled into a different world with no connection to the previous one. And that is all I am looking for in this world. Through Art. Through Music. Through Writing. Through People. Through Love. Connection. It is what I crave and what brings meaning to my life.

Now people think a segue is a scooter. I pity them.