Introducing The Crème of The Coffeelicious


She has been tethered for her entire life.

From the umbilical cord that fed her nourishment and oxygen to the invisible hold the source of that cord still has on her, no matter how desperately she tries to sever it.

She is an adult now but still gropes clumsily to gain the approval of the one person in her life who withholds it.

There are tiny triumphs when she resists the urge to recount a personal or professional victory, knowing her words will fall on deaf ears.

So many times she is certain that she has given up trying, and there is a momentary sense of liberation. And then… and then she finds herself in a vulnerable state and again engages. Each time hoping it will be different. Each time knowing it won’t.

She curses herself for succumbing, tumbling into an abyss that is devoid of compassion and love. She should know better by now. Why does she not know better by now?

How can she stop seeking her captor’s love when this bondage is all she has ever known? The silken tie may finally be loose, but she is still as tightly bound as she ever was.