Did Someone Say Community?

Thank you, Alto, for inviting me to play! I am honored.

  • What is your favourite word? … Doppelschmerzen
  • What is your least favorite word? … Pus. Mucous runs a close second
  • What is your favorite curse word? … Fuck
  • What’s the most disgusting or inappropriate thing that’s been said to you in the passion of sex? … I’m so twisted nothing seems inappropriate to me. Oops, did I just say that out loud?
  • Same question reversed? … See above.
  • What turns you on creatively, spiritually & emotionally? … Honesty, self-awareness, curiosity, originality, authenticity, subversiveness, courage, great art, music, nature, stimulating conversation
  • What turns you on sexually? … Humor, intelligence, quirkiness, men, androgynous to butch women, naughty unspeakable fantasies, my husband
  • What turns you off? … Cruelty, ignorance, mediocrity, close-mindedness, greed, sports, cattiness, nationalism, ethnocentrism, borders
  • What turns you off sexually? … Selfishness, narrow-mindedness, straight boring sex, unwillingness to experiment and be open. The “me first, too bad for you” attitude.
  • Where is the sleaziest place you have had sex? Who was it with? … The third floor of a construction site in an ally. I have no idea who it was with. Don’t judge me — it was my wild youth.
  • What is your favorite curse word? … Fuck or Motherfucker.
  • What sound or noise do you love? … Rain
  • What sound or noise do you hate? … Car alarms
  • Who, in your opinion is “sexy ugly”? No one that I think is sexy is ugly to me even when many others think they are. If they’re funny and smart they are not ugly. AND I like big noses. (I said noses!)
  • If it was “for the sake of the art” would you have actual sex on stage?….No. I would simulate it but not actually have it. I retain that sacred act for anonymous strangers on construction sites in alleys.
  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt … neuroscientist
  • What profession would you not like to try? Why? … Working for a large corporation that is taking over America and swallowing the middle class. I try to avoid the seduction of greed.
  • If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? … Welcome home. Come reunite with all your loved ones and get to know David Bowie. He’s been asking for you.