I have Crohn’s, and it caused two small fistulae, one of which never healed — so I know what an…
Harry Haller

Thanks for sharing your story, Harry Haller. It really means the world to me. I was 11 in 1968 and the medical profession knew next to nothing about Crohn’s Disease. They actually thought it was psychosomatic and sent me to a therapist. It was a horrendous time to have that disease, both historically and chronologically for me, and had a huge impact on my life, some of it terrifying and some of it actually positive making me the strange person I am today.

I’m so sorry you are still dealing with the fistula. You are only the second person I have ever come into contact with who also has one. I hope it is not interfering with your life too much and that you are happy and living a full life not defined by your disease, as I was for so many of my young years.

I wish you all the best in everything and especially remission. xoxoxo