Why? Why? Why is that unmentionable? They’re not grown up.
Cathy Ladman

Tonight, Peter told me they were joking. I’m still not sure. That awkward silence spoke volumes.

But it’s definitely not about them being immature. These are some of my very favorite people in the world. They are hilarious, exceptionally quick witted, kind, brilliant, self-deprecating, unpretentious, generous beyond words and sensitive. Hopefully, you’ll meet them in June.

I truly believe that menopause is just something our society has an enormous issue accepting. It is the ultimate statement of aging and passing from one stage in our lives to another in the most tangible way possible.

My very favorite show you do is the one where you talk about the shame of women aging. I think one of the lines is “You want to know why she looks old? Because she’s old! That’s what happens when you don’t die. You get old.”

And that my funny, beautiful friend is just one of the many reasons I love you so.