Thank you, Sherry!
Harry Haller

You have no idea how happy I was to read you are in remission. You probably already know this but Advil and other Ibuprofin anti-inflammatories are flare up triggers. Even if you just take one Advil! About 10 years ago, I stopped reading up on it, but at that point researchers were beginning to believe that there is not just one cause for Crohn’s. They used to think it was congenital, but they are now thinking it could be a variety of viruses. I don’t know if that is affecting the treatment. When I get a flare I take Asacol and that helps. My biggest flare trigger is lactose. As soon as I went off it, my fistula closed up. I went back on it as a drug addled, stubborn 21-year-old and it opened up again after 6 years. That was really special. The other flare trigger is lack of rest. I need a lot of sleep and a lot of rest, or I literally start running a fever. Anyway, I’m so happy you’re in remission or at least it’s under control. That makes my week! xo